The story is not over yetEdit


So Merificus is dead and your father gave you his regards, it's time to add a few more adventures to your journey.

Here are a few things you can do after the main quest is over-


1.In South,Pay a visit to Og and Ug, the estranged dwarf giant brothers.Play one against another and pocket the helga's ring. You may also visit the centre of Lake Craython.

P.S You have missed a lot of fun in the game if you haven't done this before.


Check out the houses in the western district. In one you may find someone who dosen't like the look of you.Tell the bald head that neither do you.

Visit the thieve's den in the sewers and rid the place of the slimy toads. They drop really good loot.

In the old tunnels visit the Ancient vampire.You aren't the only person looking for blood.


2.In North,Visit the Spider Queen in her liar.

WARNING:You might get cobwebbed a lot. Pay respects to the poor fellow by looting the corpse.Check out the rock tunnel ,you may go Predators.

3.Visit the Dark Gnomes in their lairs and burrows.

WARNING:Don't go under the waterfall. It takes a long time to get out. The dungeons are more like mines.

4.Explore the Callaheim hills a bit.There is an unmapped bear cave.

5.Check out the tents near the mountain pass. You may learn something new. Use the helga's ring near a slope mountain terrain and watch what happens.

6.Check out the loot in Cold Sands hold keep after you've talked with Captain Fargus. If you haven't talked to him yet,loot anyway.


7.Pay a visit to the Giants. You aren't the only person who loves knocking down others.

Sandy OutlandsEdit

8.Try running your drake mount along mountain walls & you may do wall run.

9.Visit Grokk's hut near the coast. You may find something familiar but two hundred times larger along the way.

10.Visit the Orc lairs. You aren't the only rebel.

11.Try dropping from a height on a mount. You may find you are doing a motocross stunt.

12.Talk to Fargus and siege the Uthu's fortress. Participate in a 3 vs 1 brawl. You aren't the only person who can have terrific henchmen.

Snowy OutlandsEdit

13.Explore the paths a bit,watch out for the terror birds.You may find a nest. Steal the egg. It is not a bad habit.

14.Visit the elemental queens. You aren't the only one with killer energy.

15.Visit Unther, the psycho troll drops the best cloak.

P.S Better do this before the showdown.

Lava plainsEdit

16.Check out the Dark Chasm in the Shadowspire mines and deal with a dormant evil after a leap of faith.

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